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“A time to relax, A time to think, A time to love, A time to laugh, A time to LIVE ~SUMMER!”
— Jason Cleven

So I havent been on Tumblr in a very long time. But, now I am back on. Throughout the months I have realized alot. In high school I am struggling with the subject of Popularity. In the beginning of the year when i first came to my high school, no one knew who I was. I was starting off with a new slate. Right when i stepped foot through the doors I tried to fit in and act like the popular kids so I would fit in. But they just straight up just shot me right down because I was nervous and wouldnt talk. I came from a private school with a class of 12 when i came to a class of 70 it was a little nerve racking to talk to everyone. Then, I didnt know who to talk to or who to go to. Then i found a group of friends and I am really close to them but they arent in my class, they are all sophomores. So right now I barely talk to anyone in my class except for a handful because I act like myself when I am around them and I am not worried about acting like myself. But, right when I get around anyone else in my class who i consider “poplar” I get all shy and dont even talk. And believe me I am not a quiet person. I am just scared to act like myself and I dont know how to approach the situation. So if anyone has any advice on this situation of how to approach it and how to help me to act like myself…. I just dont know what to do…

I would gladly take any of your advice.



One of the most inspirational films I have ever seen. ~Les Miserables~

One of the most inspirational films I have ever seen. ~Les Miserables~


Just a few of my favorite pictures from my school’s production of Les Miserables. I am blown away by how beautiful these look, and cannot ever begin to explain my love for this cast and show. So, so lucky to be a part of this before I move on to college.